Founded in November 2013, Qianong invention patents park is a efficient and professional research and development team, which has 98 senior engineers in various fields including mechanics, electromechanic, energy, electric power, agriculture, automation, environmental protection, construction and medical care. Patents the team members applying for are product patents and technology patents. There are at least 200 to 300 invention patents authorized every year.

  Research and development ability: as long as you are able to propose your wanted product or technology functions and requirements (not including electronics and software fields), our team can design new products or new techniques that you need.

  Main business: technique innovation design, the patent technique design, product design, sell invention patent, add the inventor.

  Development goals: the new technical development of most up-to-date mechanic and electric, mechanic, energy and automation, and modern agriculture, walk in the forefront of the industry, design the first-class new technologies and new products, create a blue ocean of science and technology development.

  Values: every customer is our god. The customers’ need is our developing motivation. It is our honor to bring benefits to customers. It is our values to realize win-win with customers.


Founder of introduction

  Hao-zhong Xu established six big systems, including water structure, high-rise building aseismic system, double cavity separating type hydraulic brake master cylinder, high precision automatic adjusting system of brake clearance, direct type of automatic transmission system and walk power system.

  First, water structure is a new operated system that the the the object was in influiding. The new system was founded in the late 1990 s used in Venetian water, water system of high speed and wind power field.

  1. The water system of high speed employ the technology of hydrate structure make the speed of ships and warships in the water up to 150 km/h, and low fuel consumption, low noise, no water waves while driving.

  2. Shutter type water and wind power, is also used the technology of the water structure , shutter type water power generation is using the shutter type block water in natural water upstream airtight become whole again, rotation to the other side were open become the frame body to discharge resistance against the structure of the system. Venetian can block water slice layer upon layer overlay, high water utilization. At the same time, the structure of the water power in the water is flowing water power, shutter type in the wind resistance water becomes a shutter type choke pills, and can use the wind to generate electricity.

  Second, in case of earthquake, high-rise building aseismic system make each column of the middle structure of the frame had joined the same semicircle arc surface. Between half circular sliding with the opposite direction and reduce the earthquake power that the floor was high have more less earthquake sentiment.

  Three, double cavity separating type hydraulic brake master cylinder, with double cavity space at the front and rear wheel cylinder respectively independent braking system, not only can be used as the brake master cylinder, at the same time, take place of the hydraulic brake distributing valve, the proportion of the oil spill cutter and brake master cylinder three. When braking, the front wheel brake but not locked, just like a ropehad pulled the car.

  Four, high precision automatic adjusting system of brake clearance including pneumatic brake and hydraulic brake, precision is high brake clearance of automatic adjustment. The precision of the hydraulic brake automatically adjust the brake clearance of 0.01 mm, which is the change of the brake clearance is 0.01 mm can automatically adjust to the regulation of clearance. Precision of the pneumatic brake automatically adjust the brake clearance of 0.5 mm, which is the change of the brake clearance is 0.05 mm can automatically adjust to the specified interval.

  Five, the direct type of automatic transmission system is no external direct variable speed control system of automatic transmission system, simple structure, small volume, light weight, easy to manufacture and use.

  Six, walk power system including walking stability system and weight-bearing walking dynamical system.

  1. Stable walking system, videotapes, by its own gravity to stabilize the knee joint, applicable to the knee joint is not flexible.

  2. The weight bearing walking assist system, walking with load, its own gravity and load of gravity pressure in hydraulic bag on the bottom of your feet, the pressure inside the hydraulic bag is passed to the power board to produce thrust upward, upward push the hips and thighs and produce power.

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